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Stendo Laboratoire: innovative technologies for the health and well-being of individuals

In 2011, the president of the company, Jürg SCHEIWILLER, created STENDO® with Renan LE BLE, the managing director, in order to launch a new treatment technique under exclusive licence from Cardio Innovative Systems: N.O.logy®.

In order to amplify the mechanical forces responsible for the production of NO in our bodies, they designed a breakthrough innovation, the Pulsewave® suit, in combination with a console able to stimulate non-invasively and 100% naturally the endothelium inside our blood vessels.

The STENDO® technology is synchronised to the heartbeat of the patient and is based on the principle of mechanical compression and decompression at the surface of the skin. The consequence of this stimulation is the amplification of the pulses of blood, causing increased friction with the endothelial cells. This increases the natural production of NO, resulting in local and systemic effects throughout the body.

The N.O.logy® technique has no side effects, presenting new treatment possibilities and offering unprecedented solutions to health, beauty and well-being professionals.

Note : certain precautions must be taken when using the N.O.therapy therapeutic protocols.