Producing Nitric Oxide : the fundamental basis of recovery

By triggering the production of Nitric Oxide in the blood, the N.O.logy® technique is able to optimise the functioning of the body at a fundamental level.

Performance is largely conditioned by the perfect execution of athletic gestures (biomechanics) and the ability of the body to recover. By eliminating metabolic waste products athlete improves its training programs, reduces the risk associated with his sport technopathies (groin strain, inflammation, wearing of the joints, reduction in muscle viscoelasticity) and founds his top level of performance again.

The N.O.logy® technique offers a new approach in sports recovery. Without seeking the body to the heart level, respiratory and muscular, the body benefits from the positive effects associated with Nitric Oxide (NO) being distributed in the blood : vasodilation, improvement in microcirculation and oxygenation of the muscles, lymphatic drainage (significant metabolic waste), regulation of the body (sleeping, gastrointestinal function, anti-stress), systemic treatment of trauma-related ecchymosis and oedema.

• Improved recovery times
• Improvement and management of performance
• Reduction in lactates
• Trauma sequelae
• Oedema, ecchymosis

Le golfeur Le nageur Le sportif qui réfléchit


• A new technique  to aid recovery  with systemic effects
• Technique not involving an operator easily incorporated into the conventional protocols used by sports doctors and physiotherapists or biomechanics specialist
• Physiological synergies between the systemic effect of N.O.logy® and localised treatments
• Improved muscular involvement thanks to a surplus of NO with the body at rest

•Significant improvement in post-effort lactate recovery time
•Improvement efficiency of oedema and ecchymosis treatment
• Improved stress management and concentration for athletes
• Device is easy to transport and set up, even when athletes are travelling