Research and development

R&D at Stendo Laboratoire

Stendo Laboratoire’s Research and Development Department is supervised by the Managing Director, Renan Le Blé, who is an engineer and who coordinates an external network of consultants and engineers based at multiple sites (Paris, Honfleur, Caen, Nice, Lyon, Lausanne) and specialising in multiple disciplines: cutting-edge electronics, industrial development, digital technology, engineering, textiles, design, logistics, marketing, and finally training, regulatory affairs and medical specialties.

In terms of the scientific validation of the N.O.logy® technique, Stendo Laboratoire is relying on a scientific committee made up of six highly qualified and specialised individuals. In terms of clinical, and therefore practical, expertise in a practice setting, the company has set up a network of medical and paramedical treatment centres that communicate via the network to define protocols suited to the various targets.

Thanks to this collective know-how, Stendo Laboratoire has been able to develop a novel device, a complete range of services across various markets, and product/business expertise that places the company in a position to meet strong demand in France and internationally.

Stendo Laboratoire Scientific Committee

Doctor of Medicine, Doctorate in Human Biology, Anaesthetist/Resuscitation, Head of Department at Lariboisière Hospital, Professor at Paris VII University.

Professor Olivier BAILLIART, MD, PhD (CIS)
Doctor of Medicine, Doctorate in Human Biology, Cardiologist and Physiologist, senior lecturer at Paris VII University, Department of Functional Exploration at the Lariboisière Hospital (Paris).

• Doctor Philippe BLANCHEMAISON, MD
Vascular specialist, Paris.

• Professor Martine DUCLOS, MD
Endocrinologist and Physiologist, University Professor, Head of the Department of Sports Medicine at the Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital.

• Professor Paul VALENSI, MD
Endocrinologist, University Professor and Head of the Department of Diabetes / Endocrinology / Nutrition at Jean Verdier Hospital, Bondy / Paris.

• Doctor Dominique DELMAS, PhD, Pharmacologist
President of Future Health Products – Clinical studies.

From American research to French innovation

At the beginning of the new millennium, a few eminent French doctors, essentially ER doctors and cardiologists, became passionate about the discoveries that had won the 1998 Nobel Prize for medicine, a passion that developed as a result of being regularly confronted with severe failure of the cardiovascular systems of certain patients. One of these doctors, Dr S Nour, a paediatric cardiac surgeon, invented a first concept involving endothelial stimulation and reawakening of natural nitric oxide production.
An idea then developed, that this NO-producing endothelial stimulation could be generated “mechanically” and on demand, to obtain very interesting physiological effects for the purposes of medicine, physical rehabilitation, prevention and well-being in modern man.

Research and international patents

Cardio Innovative System (CIS) is the sole holder of an exclusive worldwide license for the commercial use of 10 patents that have already been filed. The company now benefits from the support of two new partners, who are both hospital doctors and researchers, Prof. O. Bailliart and Prof. D. Payen de la Garanderie. At the end of 2011, CIS provided Stendo Laboratoire with the exclusive and worldwide distribution license for non-invasive applications of the Stendo® device and its Pulsewave® suit.