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Health is in the movement…

N.O.logy® awakens the health potential within each one of us. N.O.logy® is a new, revolutionary, non-invasive and 100% natural regenerative technique that stimulates the inner lining of the blood vessels, the endothelium, increasing the availability of Nitric Oxide (NO), improving microcirculation and helping to keep our bodies active and healthy.

Our bodies already produce NO naturally, but with ageing, poor lifestyle habits (smoking, stress, lack of sleep and pollution), and an unbalanced diet, the its production decreases. Our bodies then become deficient in NO and functional efficacy diminishes.


The unique attribute of N.O.logy® lies in its ability to increase the bioavailability of NO while the body is at rest, without exerting any constraints on the body, the heart, the lungs or the muscles. All the benefits of NO are diffused and have a positive influence throughout the body. The Pulsewave® suit, synchronised to heart rate, is able to transmit approximately 25,000 stimulations per treatment. N.O.logy® has local and systemic effects, and can be used alone or in synergy with other localised treatment techniques.

The mechanobiology of the endothelium

The stimulation by pulsating compression on the surface of the lower limbs and the abdomen, synchronised in real-time to the heart rate of the individual, triggers a natural physiological process involving the production of Nitric Oxide by the endothelium.

An average of 25,000 stimulations per 30-minute session

Amplified Shear Stress

The friction and sheer forces exerted by the pulsating flow of the blood – the shear stress – against the endothelial cells lining the inner walls of the blood vessels are amplified by the action of the stimulations induced by the N.O.logy® technique.

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Appilcation areas

• Lymphatic and venous rehabilitation
• Postoperative management
• Cicatrization
• Vascular sequelae of chronic pathologies
• Inflammation chronic: algodystrophy, fibromyalgia

• Passive vascular gymnastics
• Veno-lymphatic stimulation
• Management of chronic inflammations
• Prevention of pressure ulcers
• Stimulation of cognitive abilities

• Post-exercise recovery
• Stimulation of lactate metabolism
• Improved performance
• Stress management and sleep

• Ongoing studies

• Microcirculatory optimization
• Tissue stimulation
• Improved sleep
• Reduction of oxidative stress