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The new fundamental stimulation
crucial to all treatments

N.O.logy® works symbiotically with your treatments, triggering beforehand a fundamental regenerative process based on the production of Nitric Oxide. N.O.logy® then spectacularly multiplies the results of the majority of your treatments and, in addition, generates a number of concrete effects relating to beauty and well-being.

N.O.logy® naturally stimulates the body’s innate functionality using the Stendo® technology, generating a series of pulsating waves synchronised to the heartbeat of the patient, thus increasing the production of Nitric Oxide (NO) in the body.

With N.O.logy®, a regenerative process is triggered: vasodilation, improvement in microcirculation and lymphatic drainage, cell regeneration, oxidative stress control, improved sleep and a rebalancing of the body. The therapy does not require an operator and the client can be left in a total state of relaxation on the therapy table.

• Optimisation of microcirculation
• Vascular restoration
• Reduction of venous-lymphatic stasis, oedema
• Cellulite
• Body contouring
• Skin appearance : wrinkles and skin tone
• Anti-stress and improved sleep

• Well-being and vitality
• Heavy legs and restless legs
• Detox treatment
• Bowel motility
• Post Jet-lag
• Post pregnancy