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Robert Furchgott

Louis J. Ignarro

Ferid Murad


In 1998, three American researchers, Pr. Robert Furchgott, Pr. Louis J. Ignarro et Pr. Ferid Murad received the Nobel Prize in medicine for their work on the endothelium, the monocellular layer lining the inside of the blood vessels that is in contact with the blood. They demonstrated that the endothelium produces at each blood pulsation a vital gas molecule for our body: the Nitric Oxide (NO).

Thanks to its blood vessel dilating properties, NO is responsible for the effective diffusion of blood in our bodies and helps to optimise peripheral microcirculation and exchanges at the cellular level. NO also plays a very important role in controlling platelet aggregation, in neurotransmission, especially with respect to certain key organs such as the kidneys, the stomach, the intestines and the liver, and also has an anti-inflammatory and microbicidal role. It also helps to maintain balanced oxidative stress. These days, maintaining the proper functioning of our endothelium and the ability to produce our own NO is perceived by anti-ageing specialist doctors as a key element in protecting our health, beauty and well-being ‘reserves’ over time.

As a result, Nitric Oxide has been defined as nothing less than a ‘youthfulness’ and ‘health’ molecule.