The stimulation of all beauty comes from inside…

By reactivating the production of Nitric Oxide  (youthfulness molecule), N.O.logy® increases  vasodilation, improves microcirculation and helps  to activate cell regeneration from the inside,  thus providing the best preparation for the tissue  of your patients for all your localised treatments.

100% natural, non-invasive, without any risk  or side effects, the N.O.logy® technique  is completely operator-independent and offers  completely reproducible treatments.  Its efficacy is based on its systemic effect  with the organism completely at a rest, diffusing  the beneficial effects throughout the body.  The first component of the body to benefit from the NO  effect is the fluids in the body, then depending on  individual response, one observes significant improvement  in exchanges at the cellular level and in the functionality  of certain organs, including the skin, the gastrointestinal  tract and the adipose tissue.

Restauration vasculaire Restauration vasculaire Restauration vasculaire

• Microcirculation optimisation
• Vascular restoration
• Reduction of venous-lymphatic stasis, oedema
• Heavy legs syndrome
• Pre-and-post optimisation : liposuction, cryotherapy, peeling
• Cellulite
• Body contouring
• Skin appearance : wrinkles and skin tone
• Anti-stress and improuved sleep
• Detox